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Frequently Asked Questions

Check here for the answers to common questions about your Synchrony Bank account, making payments, logging into Consumer Center, or other things.


About Synchrony Bank

  • Why is my account now with Synchrony Bank instead of GE Capital Retail Bank?

    • On June 2, 2014, GE Capital Retail Bank changed its name to Synchrony Bank. You can expect the same exceptional user experience and online servicing options you’ve come to rely on from a leader in the consumer financial services marketplace.

  • What is the difference between Synchrony Bank and Synchrony Financial?

    • Synchrony Financial is the parent company of Synchrony Bank.

  • What other changes can I expect to see on your website?

    • We’ll be making changes often to improve how the site works and the features it offers you. Along with our new name and colors, we’ve added a number of ways for you to locate businesses that offer financing. (Look for the maps!) But right now, all account service functions are the same.

  • Do I need to re-register?

    • No

  • Does my password or username change or do I need to create new ones?

  • Are you selling my account?

    • No. We value you as a customer and intend to keep you. This was only a name change.

  • Will my account move to Synchrony Bank?

    • If you had an account through GE Capital Retail Bank, you now have an account with Synchrony Bank. Nothing has changed about the account except the name of the bank. You don’t need to do a thing.

  • Can I still use my card?

    • Yes, of course. Your card and account number will stay exactly the same.

  • Will my merchant/provider continue to offer financing through GE Capital Retail Bank?

    • Merchants and CareCredit providers who offered financing through GE Capital Retail Bank will continue to offer financing, but under our new name of Synchrony Bank.

  • Will the name change affect my credit score?

  • How will my online payments look on my bank statement?

    • Payments made via your online profile will appear on your bank statement as being made to Synchrony Bank.

  • I’ve seen GE in some places and Synchrony in others, which are you?

    • We are now Synchrony Bank, formerly GE Capital Retail Bank. We recently changed the name of our bank from GE Capital Retail Bank to Synchrony Bank. For the short term, you may see both names referenced.

  • What name or email address will you use to contact me?

  • What if I want to invest in the new company?

    • You should speak to a financial advisor or visit sec.gov for company information.

How To Contact Us

How To Use This Website and Features

  • What can I do on this site?

    • Find financing that’s right for me - Go to Find Financing now and follow the simple steps to find a business and apply for financing

    • Access your account at any time that’s convenient for you, and

Account Registration Questions

  • How do I register my account?

    • You can register online now to access your account information; pay your bill; and more. Learn more about how to register your account (PDF, 948 KB)

    • To register, you will need the following information:

      • Full account number. You can find this
        • On the front of your card, or
        • At the top right corner of your monthly billing statement, or
        • On the paper that your card was attached to when it was mailed
      • Last 4 digits of the primary accountholder's social security number
      • Date of birth

Log In Questions

Payment Questions

  • How do I make payments?

    • If you haven’t already, first, register your account online. Then, you can make a one-time payment or a recurring payment.

    • Making payments is an easy four-step process:

      1. After you’ve logged in above, find “Quick Links” and select “Payments”
      2. Select the payment amount, date and payment source
      3. Then “Submit Payment For Review”
      4. Review your payment and then “Submit”

    • You’ll see a confirmation screen that includes a Confirmation Number. We’ll also send you a payment confirmation email to the email address on file.

    • You can also return to the payment page and see all scheduled and processed payments on the right side of the page.

  • How do I make more than one payment?

    • Follow the steps below to make multiple payments at one time:

      1. First, log in above. Then, under “Quick Links” select “Payments”
      2. Select the “Multiple” tab
      3. Enter up to 12 payments
        • Use the Payment Wizard to select your own payment schedule
        • Scroll down to “Payment Review” and enter payment amounts and dates
      4. Click “Submit Payment For Review”

    • You’ll see a confirmation screen that includes a Confirmation Number. We’ll also send you a payment confirmation email to the email address on file.

      You also can return to the payment page to see all scheduled and processed payments on the right side of the page.

  • How do I set up Autopay?

    • Log in above and select the “Autopay” status indicator

      1. Select “Enroll in Autopay”
      2. Select the payment amount and payment source
      3. Agree to the terms and “Confirm Autopay”
      4. Review your Autopay settings and “Submit”

    • You will see a confirmation screen showing your Autopay settings and a Confirmation Number. We’ll also send you a confirmation email to the email address on file for your account.

  • What's the difference between Multiple Payments and Autopay?

    • With Autopay, your payment will automatically be deducted from your bank account each month on your payment due date. The payment will be the amount you select: Statement Balance, Total Minimum Amount Due or a self-selected (Other) amount.

    • When you select Multiple Payments, you can select up to 12 future payments, including the date you want the payment to post to your account and the amount.

Cardholder Online Service Questions

  • Where do I login?

  • What if I forgot my User Name or Password?

    • We’ll help you reset them. Click the green “Login Help” link located above in the log in box. Then select the option you need help with.

  • How do I view my billing statement?

    • If you’re already enrolled in e-bill, the process is the same. Simply login to your account at the top of this page (or any page). If you’re not enrolled in eBill, you will still receive your paper statements in your mailbox.

  • How secure is your new website?

    • Website security is a high priority for us. Our site utilizes TLS encryption and includes a “Security Questions” feature to further protect your online account.

  • How do I bookmark this site or add it to my favorites?

General Account Questions

  • I'm supposed to receive a new credit card. When will it arrive?

    • New cardholders should receive their credit card within 7-10 business days after application.

  • How do I read my new statement?

  • Will I be getting a new credit card because of the bank name change?

    • No. At least not right now. We may issue new cards at a later date, but your current card will work just fine.

  • Do I need to activate my account, and if so, how do I activate it?

    • If you received your card with a sticker on the front of it, you will need to call the number listed on the sticker to verify your information and activate your account.

  • What if I want to close my account with Synchrony Bank?

    • You can close your account at any time. Bear in mind, your Synchrony Bank credit card account gives you the same exact benefits you had, like promotional financing, online payments, and world class service. However, if you still prefer to close your account, please contact contact customer service .