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Protect Your Information Online

Protecting your personal information is a top priority for us, so we’ve taken numerous steps to prevent someone from stealing your personal information and using it without your knowledge.

First, we encrypt all your sensitive information with TLS encryption technology. Second, we’ll send you a confirmation email about any change to your account.

Ways you can protect your personal information

  • Keep all your personal information in a secure place, and hide your Social Security Number
  • Shred your old financial documents
  • Never give out personal information unless you know who you’re dealing with

How to detect a problem with your account

  • Be alert to warning signs, such as bills that do not arrive as expected, or calls or letters about purchases you did not make
  • Inspect your credit report and your financial statements on a regular basis

If you suspect identity theft or fraud, it’s important to act quickly.

Report any identity theft to the Federal Trade Commission: