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Organizing Your Online Security

Every time you log into email, browse social media, or even order garden shears, you expose yourself to threats online. Today, we enter our information across infinite digital touch points. To protect yourself, be prepared with these simple precautions.


Digital Footprint

Be mindful of what you share and where—this includes social media or forms on websites you don’t know


Spam and Phishing

Don’t trust emails from unknown sources that request personal details; spammers can pose as charities, greeting cards, and everything in between.


Proactive Planning

Maintain the latest antivirus software, which should include a personal firewall that blocks external attacks



Create unique passwords on a regular basis that don’t hinge on publicly available information.


Back It Up

In the event of a breach, be ready with your most precious data stored somewhere secure, like an encrypted file. For said file, use a strong password that differs from the other


Get In Touch

If something seems amiss, contact the company using a number from their website. As a rule of thumb, monitor credit reports to ensure no additional accounts have been opened in your name.