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KITCHEN FURNITURE: Kitchen Furniture Table Sets

When selecting a table for your kitchen, use this checklist to determine the best selection for your lifestyle now and into the future.

Seating capacity. Start by determining the number of individuals you need to seat at your table on a regular basis. Also consider if you have friends or family that often join you for a meal.

  1. Architecture. Most dining areas are rectangular in shape so they are ideal for a rectangular or oblong table. If the space is closer to a perfect square, then a round or square works well.
  2. Surface area. Another important consideration is that if the table is to be placed over a rug, each chair should remain on the rug surface when pulled away from the table to get in/out of the chair.
  3. Material. Kitchen tables are available in a wide variety of materials. Most common is solid wood (which can be factory finished with a protective Urethane finish or simply waxed to create a well-worn patina over time). If you like perfection, choose a finished wood or laminate product. If you prefer a natural look (where color variations, glass rings and nicks and scratches will accumulate), then a waxed or natural finish may be preferred.
  4. Flexibility. No matter the size, to ensure your current dining room works well in your future home (most Americans move on average every seven years), you might want to consider an “extending” round (becomes oblong) or square (becomes rectangle) table. Such a table (with leaves for extension) can then be used in square or rectangular spaces) and can accommodate additional seating as required.
  5. Base structure. Once you narrow your size and shape and material, your last consideration is base. Options include pedestal, trestle, traditional four-leg and more. Base materials vary greatly as well – including many options in wood, stone or metal.

Once you’ve considered the above, start shopping. Look in-store and online and make sure you measure before you buy and are certain that you love the finish. Cheers to many happy occasions at your new table. Visit Synchrony HOME at www.mysynchrony.com/welcomehome to find a range of trusted furniture retailers that can helpto learn more.


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