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Add Us to Your Email Address Book in SBC

Email filters in your SBC account may prevent you from receiving or properly viewing your email subscriptions. Open one of our email messages and follow these steps in order to add us to your address book:

Open the email message from the sender you want to add to your address book.

Click on the "Add to Address Book" link (below)

next to the "From Address." SBC Email Address Book

Once the "Add to Address Book" page opens (below), enter any of the additional fields if you wish. (Not required.) Then click "Add to Address Book."

SBC Email Address Book

You will see a confirmation message (below) at the top of your screen, indicating that the sender has been placed in your Address Book."

SBC Email Address Book

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have enabled "Image Blocking" you will need to take these additional steps to ensure that images appear within your email messages. Otherwise, Yahoo! will block all images - including those in messages from your trusted senders.

Click on "Mail Options" (below)

in the upper right corner of your browser to access the "Options" page. SBC Email Address Book

Click on “General Preferences” (below)

under the “Personalization” heading. SBC Email Address Book

Go to the "Security" section and UNCHECK the box marked "Block HTML graphics in email messages from being downloaded."

SBC Email Address Book

Then click "Save"

at either the top or bottom of your browser window". SBC Email Address Book

Now you're guaranteed to receive our emails in your inbox!