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A message to our customers related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ALERT: Communication for customers impacted by the natural disasters. Learn More

ALERT: Communication for customers impacted by the natural disasters.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the natural disasters. We are here to help customers who've been impacted and contact us by evaluating:

  • waiving of certain fees
  • increases in credit limits on their cards to help with additional, necessary purchases

In times like these, people come together to help those in need.  At Synchrony, it’s our job not only to help our customers every day – but also when disasters like these strike.

Black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019: Tips, Trends & Questions answered

Are you all set and ready to make the most of this Black Friday? Before you say yes, did you realize that Black Friday actually comes late this year? It’s on November 29. That’s practically December. Nearly one week closer to Christmas. One less week to shop. Yikes.

Don’t worry. We’ve got the latest Black Friday shopping tips, tricks and trends to help find the deals you really want this year. Now, let's answer some trending questions.

When does Black Friday really begin?

Over the last few years, retailers have been opening earlier and earlier on Black Friday to get an edge on competitors. Midnight Door Busters were no longer enough.

While many people expressed frustration at Black Friday’s creep into Thanksgiving Thursday, there are a number of retailers who still plan to be open on Thanksgiving this year.

Where are the savings!

What products will see the best Black Friday deals—the biggest doorbusters, deepest discounts and precipitous price drops?

Well, once again tech gear and gadgets should continue to shine in the deal department. Last year saw great deals on 4K TVs, soundbar systems, iPhones and other Apple products, noise-canceling headphones and other cool technology. This year should be no different.

A few quick tips when shopping for the best Black Friday deal:


  • Research what you really need: Do your homework. Read the online reviews to find the product that’s right for you. Differences in brands and even specific models within brand can be big when it comes to durability and performance. Don’t wait till the night before. Do it early and put some effort into it can really pay-off. With limited inventories, the items move fast. You want to be able to make quick decisions on the fly—whether you’re shopping online or in the store.

  • Consider Shopping Apps for productivity and shopping assistance: To make sure you’re getting the best price and even help you manage your gift list and budget, consider downloading one or two of today’s popular shopping apps. Nerdwallet outlines some of the best.


What items should I avoid on Black Friday?

While Black Friday will be packed with great deals, there are always some items where it might be better to wait and buy later. Mashable offers this list to help you prioritize your Black Friday shopping.

What should I get for the kids?

No Black Friday review is complete without a look at the best deals on this season’s hottest toys and games. Game Consoles like the PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch are still at the top of the list. Cute, cuddly and interactive toys that respond to your child’s touch will continue to fly off the shelves. And, of course, toy movie tie-ins, like Star Wars: Rise of Skywalker and Disney’s Frozen II are certain to be blockbusters in the theaters—and in stores.

Can I find Black Friday deals with your Store Locator?

From home décor to smart appliances, fine jewelry to furniture, many of Synchrony’s retail partner, local favorites or trusted national names, will be offering a Black Friday bonanza of their own. Savvy shopper can always use our convenient store locator to search by shopping category (e.g., Electronics or Jewelry) to find retail locations near you.

Find out about savings

As you’re surfing the Web for the best holiday deals, don’t forget to check out Synchrony our online offer page, many of our retail partners, local favorites and trusted national chains, will be offering their own fantastic deals--Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all year long.

But what about Cyber Monday?

Get more insights about Cyber Monday through our blog on Cyber Monday here