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ALERT: Communication for customers impacted by the natural disasters.

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Woman standing in front of house that looks like a monster

10 Ways to Decorate Your House This Halloween

It’s that time of year again! With the first fallen leaves and chill in the air comes the realization that Halloween is right around the corner. And, while a simple jack-o-lantern on the front porch will get the job done, Halloween decorating has become increasingly more involved — leaving you to wonder whether you live next door to Christine McConnell or in a neighborhood full of retired Hollywood set-builders.


There are lots of ways to go all-out, and sometimes, a little creativity is all you need. However ambitious your goals are for Halloween decorations, you’re bound to be inspired by these unique, interesting, and downright wild holiday displays.

1. Pop Culture Play

Trending TV shows, movies, books and music are always excellent fodder for a timely display, as evidenced by this Halloween-themed homage to Game of Thrones’ House Stark at Winterfell.

House decorated to look like Game of Thrones for Halloween

Image Credit:IMGUR

2. No Bones About It

Decorative skeletons are relatively inexpensive and can be positioned doing nearly any living activity for a fun and festive, but not-so-gruesome yard decoration.

Skeleton cowboys by a faux fire

Image Credit:IMGUR

3. Hey There, Sport

This festive scene shows you don’t have to go high-tech to create something memorable for the spooky season. These ghostly soccer players stand out against the green grass, giving the impression of floating through a game in the Underworld Cup.

Ghosts playing soccer in yard

Image Credit: IMGUR

4. And, Scene!

Halloween comes once a year, creating an excellent opportunity for crafty enthusiasts to top themselves again and again. This ode to Ghostbusters is perfectly playful, fun for all ages and almost guarantees social media stardom for its creator.

House decorated like Ghostbusters for Halloween

Image Credit:IMGUR

5. Is There Something on the Roof?

It’s hard to say this looks incredibly real when we know dragons are make-believe… right? But truly, this ultra-realistic and otherwise understated roof ornament is sure to make trick-or-treaters walk ever-so-softly past the house that may or may not have a sleeping dragon upon it.

House with realistic-looking dragon on roof

Image Credit:IMGUR

6. Arachnophobia

Another example of simplicity at its best, this display features what some would consider the most frightening element of an abandoned space — spiders. While these giant creepy crawlers were handmade by the homeowners, the less skillful among us could easily board up some windows and forego crafting for purchased spider decorations.

Boarded up house with giant spiders

Image Credit:IMGUR

7. The Great Pumpkin

Pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns are iconic representations of Halloween and can be found in abundance in retail stores the day after school starts. This house shows how to have fun with a collection of lit-up gourds, creating a look devoid of ghosts, skeletons, zombies and other scarier tropes.

House with several jack-o-lanterns in the yard

Image Credit:IMGUR

8. Two Holidays, One Haunted House

With all the effort that goes into spooktacular décor, it can be a real drag to take it down after just one month. These homeowners created a multi-holiday solution with a Nightmare Before Christmas theme to haunt the neighborhood from October through December. Creepy? Check. Festive? Check. Fantastic holiday fun?

House decorated with with Nightmare Before Christmas theme for Halloween

Image Credit:IMGUR

9. Night Light

Aided by an older, Victorian-style home with instant Halloween gravitas, this lighting scheme creates a delightfully menacing look for passersby at night. While it’s easy to find lighting in every color of the rainbow, this look was achieved simply and effectively with green sheets and regular white spotlights. The spiders and webbing are perfect finishing touches.

House with green lighting and spiders for Halloween

Image Credit:IMGUR

10. BONUS: Instant Terror

How do you spend almost no money or time on your home’s Halloween décor but still spook most everyone who happens by? All you need is a red balloon and a storm drain. The recent movie reboot of Stephen King’s It — or the terrifying original book or miniseries — will do the rest.

Gutter with red balloon tied to the grate

Image Credit:IMGUR

Feature Image Credit:Christine McConnell

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