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A message to our customers related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

ALERT: Communication for customers impacted by the natural disasters. Learn More

ALERT: Communication for customers impacted by the natural disasters.

Our thoughts are with those affected by the natural disasters. We are here to help customers who've been impacted and contact us by evaluating:

  • waiving of certain fees
  • increases in credit limits on their cards to help with additional, necessary purchases

In times like these, people come together to help those in need.  At Synchrony, it’s our job not only to help our customers every day – but also when disasters like these strike.

Update your Bedroom to Beat the Winter Blues

During the dark winter months, your bedroom decor might start to feel stale. Keep an eye out for home furnishings offers on bedroom furniture, mattresses and more. You can also re-energize your sleeping space with these simple fixes.

Change your bedding

How are you sleeping? If you don't feel rested in the mornings, perhaps it's time to invest in a new mattress. It's amazing how a good night of sleep can totally alter your perspective on your surroundings. Is your bedding stagnant? Pop on a fresh set of sheets or a brand-new comforter. Even adding a few accent pillows can transform the way you experience your bed.1

Update your wall color

A can of paint is cheap, yet transformative. Slather a new color on your bedroom walls for a fresh look, or add a single chic accent wall. You can even paint the ceiling to create a more intimate sleep setting. If you aren't ready to commit to a new color, open up your space by adding a mirror or two. Adding to your room's character could even be as simple as throwing down a new rug or hanging a few paintings.

Let there be light

Manage light exposure for a more restful sleeping space. Add a table lamp for a cozy bedside glow, or invest in a stylish overhead light fixture. Are your light bulbs blinding you? Switch your lamp shade for something more opaque to soften the light. Light-blocking window shades make all the difference in the morning when you're trying to catch those last few winks before work.

Don't neglect minor details

Not all changes have to be big or expensive to make a noticeable difference. Minor details such as candles, potted plants and elegant trinkets can update the ambiance of your bedroom. A tasteful vase of flowers never fails to brighten the atmosphere, and even changing out the boring old knobs on your dressers for antique or decorative ones can have a surprising impact on your space.

A new year is on its way, which means it's time to embrace change. An updated bedroom could be just what you need to kick yourself into a new mindset. Check out available promotional financing offers on home furnishings today.

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